Chang Siam Park

Chang Siam Park is primarily an elephant-riding facility located about 20 minutes outside of Pattaya. It appears to be bustling with tourists with only one tiger. However, previous reports stated that there were at least three tigers present. Advertising around the facility confirmed this with banners displaying the chance to have photos with them.

1st Visit: 18th Feb 2017


 2nd Visit: 7th April 2018

First Visit: 18th February 2017


On arrival at Siam Park, our researchers had free access to the venue because they were only visiting the tiger. The tiger was kept in a small 2x3 metre cage near the entrance on the throughway for all tourists coming to see the elephants. The elephants were also kept in an area directly in the eye-line of the tiger. There were banners around displaying the chance for photos with the tiger, but on this visit, no photos were being offered. 


The single male tiger was kept in this small cage, which had an old platform with a chain in the centre, demonstrating that this used to be where the tiger was chained for photos. The tiger himself used to be the photo prop; there were clear rub marks on his neck where a collar would have been. He paced for the entire duration of the visit and was rather unresponsive. With the large number of people coming through and the elephants in close proximity, this was hardly surprising.


There was water provided in the cage but nothing else. It was barren and concrete-floored. 


Second Visit: 7th April 2018


Once again, there was no charge to enter in order to see the tiger. This time, the cage that held the tiger was open and a new tiger was chained to the platform inside with two staff present. The tiger appeared alert and was only two years old, according to the staff there. Photos cost extra, though no one participated in this practice during the visit, possibly more interested in the elephants. Upon talking to the staff, it turned out that there were eleven tigers residing at the venue and the researchers were waved in the direction of the cages.


A short walk off the beaten track brought the researchers to a set of standard 4x4-metre concrete-floored cages, each containing a platform and clean water but no enrichment. The cages were spotless.  A further eight tigers were recorded here. These tigers had various reactions to the researchers, ranging from disinterest through aggression to friendliness. It does not appear that many people came to this area, so it was likely unusual for the tigers to see strangers. A limp and a few small facial injuries were noted.


There were no outdoor enclosures, though the area around has a lot of potential for building. 

How Many Tigers?

Tourist Interactions?


  • Cages were the standard 4x4 metre cages

  • No enrichment simply a single platform 

  • Clean water provided

  • No place to hide

  • Photo op tiger cage was on one of the busiest walkways, causing the tiger to have no rest

  • Concrete floor, no natural substrate or vegetation

Physical & Mental Health


  • One tigress appeared to have a limp

  • Small injuries/rub marks on faces

  • Body condition - good


  • Tigers appeared alert with emotions ranging from interest through to disinterest

  • No real pacing observed


What we are doing to help

At this time we are raising awareness for the situation of the captive tigers in Thailand through education of the public and through a number of different petitions.

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