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Raising awareness​ is no easy task and most certainly cannot be done alone. To effectively spread awareness and educate the world on captive tigers and their welfare issues; there needs to be a global chain to spread the information. And this is where you, the public are so very important in helping us with this task. First and foremost is to raise awareness of the situation these tigers are living in. Many people around the world have no idea what is going on in animal welfare in other parts of the world. Quite often they have no notion of what is going on in their own country either. By sharing, reposting information, more people will become aware and educated.


And there are a number of ways that you can help us to do this:


Follow our campaigns, sign and share any petitions regarding tiger welfare issues and, if you do visit a Thailand facility, fill out the form below

Spreading the word

If you agree with the messages and educational information we post, please share them via social media

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Become a supporter and help For Tigers improve tiger welfare in Thailand and promote ethical tiger tourist attractions


Have you visited a zoo or other captive tiger facility in Thailand and seen poor conditions, cruel/abusive treatment or unusual behaviour? Have you encountered animals being exploited in a circus or show, used for interaction activities or as photographic props?


On the other hand, have you seen great welfare? Seen great handlers and well looked after tigers?


Report it to For Tigers.

Your reports help For Tigers to research and investigate these issues, potentially helping to improve welfare standards in these venues. You will also help create a comprehensive and constantly updated database of all the tigers, facilities and welfare across Thailand.  


However, whilst it would be immensely helpful to these captive tigers to have extra eyes on the ground, we do not intend to force anyone to visit or participate in anything that goes against their beliefs. Do not participate in any of the activities that involve tigers and tourism such as photos and cub feeding but rather we are encouraging observation and research within the facility.

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