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Captive tiger welfare has always been an issue of concern, but how to understand what makes a good or bad facility?

This International Tiger Day we are releasing a report, ‘Stalking Thailand's Tourist Tigers,’ regarding this issue. Through the creation of a basic welfare assessment, we have created a welfare score for 36 public venues that hold tigers.

What are the problems?

Currently there are numerous facilities offering hands-on interactions with tigers. These interactions, whilst usually a great experience for the visitor, are less enjoyable for the tiger. Many tigers suffer in poor welfare conditions, unnoticed by the visitors to these facilities. Welfare issues abound and include inadequate housing, small, overcrowded living quarters, barren environments and abusive training techniques.

How to change this?

By educating tourists, we hope to be able to equip visitors with the necessary information to help them make an informed choice about where they visit. Potentially, as tourism demands an increase in welfare, facilities will have to make the necessary changes in order to meet these demands.

Read our report.

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