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Thaithong Zoo

Thaithong Zoo or Chang Thai Thappraya Safari, has apparently been running for a few years though it doesn't appear to be as advertised as some of the other facilities in the area. It is actually located in central Pattaya (South), but does not appear to have so many visitors and is very small. There are elephant rides available as well as the tiger photo opportunities. At the time of writing, this  photo opportunity also included two white lions and a leopard.



Tourist Interactions?


  • Each cages was roughly 5x5 metres
  • The photo platform adjoined the area where each was kept
  • No enrichment
  • Barren cages
  • One had a bath tub
  • No natural vegetation
  • No place to hide from tourists
  • Chained during tourist hours
  • No access to water unless provided by staff

Physical & Mental Health


  • Two white tigers

  • Body condition poor - slightly towards overweight

  • Limping and sores present

  • Did not see anywhere they could really exercise

  • Tigers declawed


  • Tigers were clearly lacked any stimulation

  • Acted fearfully of staff


What we are doing to help

At this time we are raising awareness for the situation of the captive tigers in Thailand through education of the public and through a number of different petitions.

Head to our Petition zone to see how you can help.

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