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This is Saifa, at 17 and a half years old he is currently the oldest tiger of the relocated Tiger Temple tigers. He was known to have a somewhat feisty nature and at that time held the distinction of being the only tiger to chase and kill a one of the resident water buffaloes!
Hernfa was the first tiger born at the Temple. He spent most of his time at the Temple going down to the Canyon and doing the tourist photo ops. At 12 years old he was finally retired and got to spend his days chilling out with Sairung, his long-term girlfriend!
Nanfa is a feisty girl really doesn't like girls at all! but she does love water! We spend a lot of time giving her endless toys to keep her occupied. Tyres and barrels were always sinking to the bottom of her moat.
Farkram (Blue Sky) was super skinny - combination of poor diet and a little of neglect. Gradually over time though he put on weight. Farkram went through the wars a bit, having a cataract operation, an ingrown claw removed and multiple throat surgeries when his throat was opened up by another tiger. This last took three months of thrice daily meat and med smoothies until he was fully recovered!!
Fadang meaning red sky, is the 'cute' one of two sisters! Very playful, she has a soft side and it could be somewhat intimidating when she would run up for a chin scratch all the time!
Mek (meaning cloud) is one of the bigger tigers at the Temple but has a very mellow personality. Very friendly, he loved getting cheek scratches and of course fried chicken (who doesn't?) Growing up with Jom and Fadang, he was father to their babies. Always chilled out, though maybe he was just fed up of the two girls all the time, except when it was dinner and he let it be known he was first!
Hanfa is easily recogniseable as he has such distinctive black and close together stripes. He came to the Temple when he was very young. Even though he was a Canyon tiger, he didn't like to be touched so much and would walk so slowly down. however the day that he got retired to the enclosure, suddenly he found his speed and went bouncing about all over!!!
Farmi (new sky) is one of the chuffiest tigers. Always chuffing and coming over to say hello no matter what. When we first started getting the enclosures ready and letting everyone out, he was the last in that line to get in the enclosure. Back then he used to be very unreactive but that morning he saw us come up and was standing at the door just chuffing and chuffing!! of course we let him out and he hasnt stopped chuffing since!!
Vayo meaning wind is one of two sisters to Farmi. She was one of the tigresses to have many litters but was in fact a great mother. Quite a playful tigress, she loved just chilling out in her pond. And she's very adaptable, getting used to being moved around a lot and taking it in her stride.
Darika is the third sibling and little sister to Farmi and Vayo. Always bouncy and playful, this hasnt changed since moving to the new facilities. Like her sister Vayo, she had a couple of litters but they were always small and sickly though some survived. Luckily for her this meant that she didn't get mated any more. Like Vayo, she also loves her pond and used to enjoy sitting in it getting hosed whilst it was being filled up!!
Payak/Techo aka Yak Yak
Originally named Payak and renamed Techo later, Yak Yak was his nickname and it well and truly stuck! This huge boy, possibly part Siberian was a gentle giant. Very lovey dovey with people he had an inability to chuff properly, it always came out as a sort of snuffle! As a baby he was sickly and Cuba Nong took care of him in his kuti. To help him gain strength every morning he would head to the Sala towing along his own bottle of milk. It seems to have been a success!
Dao Lurk
Dao Lurk is one of a litter of four. He lived (and still lives) with Happy another full male tiger. They have been inseparable for over eight years. Initially aggressive and very stalker-ish, once the enclosures were finished his attitude dramatically changed. Tolerating a few of us, though he never did change his mind about boys!!
Wayha (sky) can be super grumpy at times but also very affectionate. Many volunteers know him from his somewhat douchey behavior when he's got chicken and they've got a little bit too close!! And when he's outside in his pond or in the rain he can get overly excited and into crazy play mode!!
Farung is the only sister in the previously listed gang of three boys. A little more antisocial and independent, she has never seemed to mind being alone. Never really that fussed by human contact, she's become a lot more chuffy since moving to the new facilities.
Happy is brother to Lucky and the other half of the Dao Lurk loving partnership. Even now they have been moved they still live together. Like is brother, he is super friendly and gentle. Always wanting to be touched and patted, I'm almost sure he still thinks he's a baby.
Lucky is one of two brothers. He's a bit of a whiner. Whenever I go up to see him he would chuff but also moan and whine as well. He loves attention and wants to be patted all the time. He loves his toys and also sardines!
Payu (Storm) is the only boy in a litter of four. Super sweet-natured, he is also cross-eyed. He loves people, craves attention and loves his toys! New barrels were always a source of excitement, for some reason he liked walking around with it on his head!!
Saikwan is another of Payu's sisters. She's probably the most lovey of all of them. All she ever wants is to be patted, cuddled and scratched. She's just super cute!! Also distinctive because of her facial markings. Above each eye are three lines that, to me, look like eyelashes that just help her to look extra cute :)
Saidao (line of stars) is one of three sisters to Payu. Very playful and friendly, she has also been a great mother to a couple of litters. She especially loves water in particular being hosed down directly, kind of like a spa and massage!
Saiduan is one of three girls from a litter of four. Her Thai name means line or path of the moon. She is independent and known for being very playful, often stalking her former caretakers and leading them into games of hide and seek!
Dao Tok
Dao Tok (shooting star) is also kind of grumpy and unpredictable. This whole litter was left with their mother for a lot longer than usual in hand raised tigers, so this may have contributed to this. Many volunteers learned how important it was to be careful around tigers as he managed to nip the tips off a couple of unwary people in his time at the Temple earning him the nickname "Fingers!!"
Dao Tie
Dao Tie is a rather grumpy tiger. Having spent longer with his mother than is usual for a cub being hand reared, he is no so trustful (Neither is the rest of the litter). This makes him very unpredictable.
Diamond is the only boy in yet another litter of four. he was super sweetnatured growing up and seemed to enjoy sitting right by his door when volunteers would sit to talk with him. AS he got older, and once he was out in the enclosures all the time, he changed somewhat and became much more feisty and aggressive, preferring to be away from people.
Angel is the second sister in this group, shes much more antisocial than the other two, much preferring the company of tigers to people. She had a couple of litters though and did make an excellent mother.
Atom has always been the most nervous of the group. In particular she didn't like boys, but she didn't really like people for that matter. Over time though, she did relax and gradually I would be greeted with chuffing and occasionally permitted to pat her on the back. Surprisingly she seems to have settled in quite well in her new home and isn't as nervy as before.
Dollar is one of three sisters to Diamond. THis girl is crazily active and really loves enrichment and toys. She always loved climbing and jumping and has an impressive vertical leap when wanting to see what's going on somewhere else.
Broma can be a big softie or a total terror!! For the most part he is super affection towards people except when he was out in an enclosure and could see another male he didn't like, then he would become a nightmare!! He is easily one of the biggest tigers and has a huge head, looks a little bit like a less friendly teddy bear. He seems to be settling in quite well in his new home though.
Maeka, brother to Broma is a little smaller and (in my opinion) nicer and more chilled out. A much more relaxed fella! Loves his enrichment toys particularly enjoying destroying anything made of wood, ripping up sticks and occasionally just destroying parts of the enclosure!
Auto is a big girl and sometimes gets mistaken for a boy shes so chunky! Sister to Maeka and Broma she is the feisty one. She loves to play but her play gets a bit boisterous and more takes on the form of stalking and pouncing than anything else!
Raviwan herself is the runt of the litter (Broma, Maeka and Auto) and never lost her weird baby walk of throwing her front feet out in front of her
Aero is one of a litter of five. In my opinion the best looking one even if he does have a slightly smaller eye! Generally nice, he can be unpredictable and changes his moods very quickly.
Owan is the handsome guy and the nicer brother to Aero. He is a much more chilled out cat and less likely to have sudden mood swings. Definitely enjoying human attention he still can be a little bit of a stalker when it strikes him. Loves toys and enrichment sessions with papier mache snowmen was always entertaining.
Angkor is the last in the litter of five that is Aero, Owan, Isara and Apo. She is a bit of a chunky girl and looks maybe a little more like a boy! Once retired from tourist life she lived up with her sister Apo, sharing an enclosure together and generally chasing each other around.
Apo is the sister to Aero, Owan and Isara. For a long time this feisty and energetic girl was Queen of the Canyon. New tigers brought down to play had to pass the test with her otherwise she was a bit of a bully! Her party piece at the end of each day was running vertically up a tree and hanging on to whatever toy was up there. Once retired she spent her days out in the enclosure where we would also hang toys high up for her to have to find.
Actually Payak he was nicknamed Yapak (and it stuck!!!) he is the brother of Mek Jr. Not quite as chilled out and laid back as his brother, Yapak is a little more mischievous in nature. Still very people friendly, he is much more likely to do a little sneak play attack if you are not watching him carefully! Very fond of his tyres, he would rearrange all the enrichment toys as soon as they were put in his enclosure.
Nanfa Jr
Nanfa is a fiesty girl. Like most of the tigers, Nanfa Jr loves her enrichment toys. Many times we would throw toys off for her from the Skywalk and she would see us coming and be ready to catch whatever was thrown out for her.
Dao Ruang Jr
Dao Ruang is possibly the most fiesty and fun-loving of all of them. Dao Ruang Jr (shining star) is very much a stalker. Loves her enrichment toys and liked to wait in hiding for them to be thrown of the Skywalk for her.
Dawan is an only child and growing up that made her a little bit of a feisty girl. Many a volunteer were on the wrong end of her sharp little teeth!! She got rather spoiled being the only one and got her way a lot of the time. From a mischievous little cub she grew up into a beautiful tigress, laughingly described as the 'supermodel' of tigers. Elegant and lean, she was not a tiger to let your guard down around as she would take any and every opportunity to pounce on the unsuspecting.
Saifa Jr
Saifa Jr was lovingly raised with constant attention which meant that he became incredibly chilled out and relaxed around people. This did mean though that he ended up being in the Canyon for tourist photos far longer than most tigers due to his amenable nature. Finally, after taking off and killing two cows Saifa got the retirement he deserved and was spending his days relaxing in his large enclosure.
Sangtawan Jr
Sangtawan Jr is the sweet sister of Saifa Jr, affectionately known as Sancti is one of the tigers I would have considered to be most trustworthy. Very gentle and affectionate in nature, she too was raised very much with people and as such didn't act so much like a tiger around people. Very loving and caring of babies, she was also great around cubs even those not her own.
Hernfa Jr aka. Nitnoy
Official name of Hernfa Jr, Nitnoy's name stuck at a young age due to his milk intake. Nitnoy simply means 'little bit' in Thai. Very placid in nature, he is a favourite of many. Easy going, he very quickly got used to the enclosure routine and was always ready when his name was called to come inside for the night.
Sairung Jr
Sairung Jr is the sister to Nitnoy. Much more playful than her brother she is much more of a stalker though she still loves those chin scratches. Very playful, a favourite toy is a ball or frisbee which she would happily chase around the enclosure.
Beauty is the sister to Lucky Jr. Like him she grew up with the other sibling duo of Nitnoy and Sairung Jr and she buddied up with the sister. Much more mischievous than her brother, she is much more playful and like most of the tigers loves toys. Big question, does she live up to her name?!!
Diamond Jr
Diamond jr was also dubbed Fatty Diamond to distinguish him from the older one and also because he did run a little fat. Even now at the government facilities he has retained this fat to their surprise as well as ours! A nicer personality than Farkram Jr he still liked to stalk and pounce on people, they just suffered less severe consequences!
Dao Lurk Jr
Dao Lurk Jr dubbed Lurky Jerky becasue of his more sneaky attitude. Like Farkram he is much more sneaky about his greetings and prefers to approach from the blindspot - and he's not totally being nice about it!
Dollar Jr aka Briew
Dollar was nicknamed Briew which means sour in Thai because of her more mean personality. However, she totally grew out of that phase and became a very sweet chilled out older lady.
Dao Nua Jr
Dao Nua was always a sweet natured tiger. This didn't change into adulthood and he would even answer his name and come right in for the night when I called him from his enclosure.
Sangthong Jr
Sangthong Jr is sister to Dao Nua Jr, she too is a very sweet natured tiger. Very loving, she always wants a chin scratch when she sees people. But don't make sudden movements as she can be a bit shy.
Dao Dang
Dao Dang (red star) was the only surviving member of her litter. For some reason she was quite nervy and really didn't like people at all. It took until around eight months for her to start trusting people and allowing me to touch her at all. Even as an adult she was still very skittish preferring to be left alone.
Money (in my opinion) kind of looked like a grumpy mouse as a baby, but as he grew up he became the best looking of the group! Like his brother Lucky, he is very laid back and affectionate though maybe not quite as needy!
Lucky 3
Lucky is the quietest of the group. A little bit of a scaredy-cat, he needed a lot of attention and slow walks to get him used to the surroundings. When he got older he was retired up into the enclosures and didn't ever have to do tourist photos down in the Canyon.
Vayo Jr
Vayo (meaning wind in Thai). With three brothers growing up she was quite a feisty cub. Very much the biter and used to love leaping straight into people's faces, claws outstretched. She mellowed out a lot as she got older and now is a very relaxed, friendly tigress.
Farung Jr
Farung is clearly the boss in the gang. Very much the independent one she bullied them around before she was moved to see if she could breed. She had a couple of litters but she never looked after them and they all died. Always be careful of her though, she's a grabber and would reach out to catch anyone coming past!
Jomnapah Jr aka Keemen
Keemen is a nickname, her real name is Jomnapah Jr but the nickname stuck. Many people's favourite as a cub because she was the smallest of the group, she grew up to become a bit of a monster. Living with two of the other girls she definitely became the alpha and also a little bit of a fatty! My guess is because she ate most of the food!!
Farmi Jr
Accidentally given a boys name, Farmi is definitely a girl. When she was younger she was definitely the worst of the group - very bitey and jumpy. Growing up she mellowed out into a gorgeous girl that simply loves a chin scratch above and beyond most of the tigers! Out in her enclosure she would always come over in order to get a scratch and would moan away whislt recieving it. SOmetimes you could even hit her tickle spot and watch that back leg go crazy!
Hanfa Jr
Han as his name was shortened too, was from a litter of two but grew up as a combined litter of five (the previous three girls) due to their close age. A little bit of a doofus, he is totally lovable, always wanting to be patted but he can get dangerously close into personal space when out in the enclosure. He also knows how to open doors and used to let himself back inside when it was home time!
Fadang Jr
Fadang has always been the sweet one. She is also a talker and when I would go out to bring her in for the night she would make all sorts of sounds and noises as if telling me about her day! Like Farmi she will do almost anything to get a chin scratch - complete with strange noises.
Angel 3
Angel 3 is clearly the boss! This was the first litter that I ever saw born. Angel became the biggest in the group and as such the alpha. Very friendly but a little bit sneaky, if you weren't paying attention in the enclosure she would sneak up on you but always stopped just short!
Atom Jr
Atom is the talker in the group. Always making strange noises, almost like whining she was the slowest to come in even when the other two would get in first and eat all the chicken! She never changed! Now at the government facility she is not coping so well and has become much more scared and aggressive though she still does come out to see us when we visit.
Apo Jr
Apo is also the smallest. My favourite in this group, she is also the smartest and would run inside before her sisters to get food before them! Much more aloof than her sisters, she isn't quite as needy though on occasion she did enjoy the base of her tail being scratched. In her new home though, she has got a little more social!
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