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Know your tiger welfare and what you are visiting

Through our campaigns and educational material we aim to give the tigers a voice. We aim to educate the public, change perceptions and attitudes, and potentially get these issues noticed by the relevant governing bodies.


All aspects of tourist-tiger interactions are covered. From tiger selfies and cub feeding through to tiger shows and how this contributes to tiger farming, we aim to challenge tiger exploitation and by so doing help in creating better welfare situations for these tigers. 

You can find out all you need to know about captive tigers below. From what is bad welfare through how to provide tiger enrichment and why this is important, to our detailed annual reports, we have covered it all.

Learn all about tigers, how they live and where, what they eat, the type of habitat they live in and so much more!

Discover what captive tigers need to give them a life worth living. Learn to spot the difference between a tiger farm, sanctuary and zoo. Find out about the importance of enrichment and more!

Find out about the tiger facilities in Thailand and information about tiger tourism in our annual reports.

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Do you want more indepth information?

These pages cover just a brief overview of what we do when it comes to improving captive tiger welfare. Reading through our blog posts will give you more information about what makes captive tiger welfare good or bad. We will be adding additional resources catering towards facilities and their keeping of tigers in the future.

Read all the latest project updates on the News and Blog
and learn about everything we do at What We Do
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