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As part of our work, we must visit Thai facilities. To create a comprehensive report, we visit every facility that holds tigers where possible. We do not just focus on those with tourist interaction, as we aim to give a well-rounded, balanced and unbiased view of the welfare of captive tigers throughout Thailand. 


To present this information easily, each facility has been given its own page, complete with an overview, a photo gallery, videos and a more detailed analysis. We briefly describe the enclosures and cages, enrichment items available to the tigers, and our observations of their physical and mental behaviours. Please note that these views are our own. All facilities are visited every year, and each page is updated with information from the latest visit listed. 

We assess each facility based on 25 welfare questions with a possible total score of 50. To make it quick and easy to understand thse scores, we have used the traffic light system: poor welfare scores are in red, average (but with room for improvement) are in amber, and those that provide good welfare are in green.


We welcome any additional input or information that can be provided if any of our followers visit one of these facilities. 


With this effort, we hope to give a comprehensive insight into the world of Thailand’s captive tigers.

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