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Samut Prakarn Crocodile Farm



Located on the outskirts of Bangkok, Samutprakarn Crocodile farm is known for exactly that, crocodiles, and there are hundreds of them. However there are also a large number of tigers too. The very first impression of this zoo was not a good one, practically no one there, it looked like a ghost town, run down and old - and this has not changed on repeated visits. There are a number of other animals dotted around the park including elephants, gibbons, binturongs, chimpanzees and orangutans. None of the species, large or small, have good enclosures or welfare standards. There also appears to be a large amount of breeding going on of all species. The following reports contain more detailed information regarding the colour variants and the specific locations of tigers within the facility as there appears to be huge discrepancies with numbers leading our researchers to suspect some form of trade is going on.

Tourist Interactions?


  • Huge variations in enclosure adequacy

  • Some are concrete cages with rudimentary rocks and ponds provided

  • Three are large spacious outside areas, grass, trees and moat with small holding cages at the back

  • Two are slightly smaller but contain a good amount of foliage and small ponds

  • One is a highly inadequate barren concrete display cage for adolescent cubs

  • No enrichment items to be seen anywhere

  • Multiple tiger cubs kept in small cages

  • Cleanliness varies with concrete-floored cages/enclosures being clean and open enclosures being much dirtier

Physical & Mental Health


  • White and golden tigers were clearly inbred and suffering from crossed eyes.

  • Excessive numbers of white and golden tigers

  • Young cubs had no access to water, nor was seen any being given

  • Many tigers have sores, lameness and facial rubbing marks

  • Body condition varies greatly depending on age of the tiger with  poor and overweight being the most commonly observed


  • A few tigers seen pacing but not so many given the large number of animals

  • Tigers in enclosures seemed relaxed, playful and responsive

  • Young cubs were clearly distressed


What we are doing to help

At this time we are raising awareness for the situation of the captive tigers in Thailand through education of the public and through a number of different petitions.

Head to our Petition zone to see how you can help.

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