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Chairwoman and Trustee

Chairwoman and Trustee

Secretary and Trustee

Secretary and Trustee

Treasurer and Trustee

Annie Vera Hunnestad

Chairwoman and Trustee

Annie has a Masters in Environmental Chemistry and is currently completing a PhD in Marine  Biogeochemistry at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She first volunteered at the  
Tiger Temple in 2010, and has since then spent time at the temple as both volunteer and staff. Her  focus there was always on improving the welfare of animals in a vulnerable position, which she feels  
is best done through direct action. She lived in Thailand fulltime between 2012 and 2016, and  started surveying South East Asian zoos and animal venues with Tanya in this period. Annie also worked with stray cats in Thailand, providing vet care, housing and spaying/neutering to cats in the  
local area.

Tanya Erzinclioglu

Founder and Director

From 2010, Tanya spent six years working at Tiger Temple, Kanchanaburi, Thailand. During this time she worked towards improvements in the tigers' welfare through implementing an enrichment programme, pushing for further enclosures to be built and working with the veterinary team to ensure proper health care was given. At the same time she investigated other Thai facilities in order to get a full understanding of the welfare issues in the country.
Once the Temple closed she, and other ex-staff members and volunteers proceeded to raise funds for the Temple tigers and thus the idea of For Tigers was born.
She holds an MSc in Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law from the University of Edinburgh.

Heather Morelli

Founder and Co-director

Heather began volunteering at the Tiger Temple in Thailand in 2014 with the purpose of improving the lives of the animals living there. She has formerly worked as an educator of herpetofauna at Reptacular Animals in Los Angeles, California. She has also volunteered at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito caring for California sea lions for rescue and release and at the Wildlife Waystation in Los Angeles assisting with the care of primates, big cats and wild canids.  She currently studies Biodiversity, Wildlife & Ecosystem Health in the Biomedical Sciences department at the University of Edinburgh in effort to focus on the conservation of tigers in captive environments.

Dr Sharon Erzinclioglu

Treasurer and Trustee

Sharon studied Zoology at Bangor University in North Wales and then pursued a PhD in Animal Behaviour at Durham. She kept up her interest in the natural world, working part-time as a science copy editor for Cambridge University Press on various books and the journal Animal Conservation. Returning to full-time research  she joined the Medical Research Council’s Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit (CBU) where she joined the Environment Group, serving as Chairman for the past 3 years. In addition to For Tigers, she is a volunteer for the Cambridge Mammal Group and the Wildlife Trust’s Ecology Group.

Tomas Brown


Tomas has an interest in promoting ethical wildlife tourism and has volunteered in facilities across Europe and Asia. From 2015 until it’s closure, he was a volunteer at Tiger Temple, Kanchanaburi, Thailand predominately helping with the enrichment programmes on site. Since 2016 he, alongside ex-staff members and other ex-volunteers, began to raise funds for the Temple tigers.
Currently based in Liverpool, Tomas is studying a BSc in Wildlife Conservation alongside participating in volunteer work at local animal rescue centres.

Anna Fourage


Anna lived in China from 2005 to 2016, where she co-founded the charity - People for Pets - in Shanghai that rescued and rehabilitated sick and injured street dogs and cats. In 2016 she moved to Thailand, where she recently became involved with the work at For Tigers as a Trustee. She completed an MSc at the University of Edinburgh in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law and is currently a PhD candidate at Oxford Brookes University where she is studying welfare, conservation and wildlife trade issues at Thai wildlife tourist attractions.

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