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How to support the tigers

With your donations we aim to continue to push for change in Thailand regarding the stance of captive animal welfare.

At the current time, your donations will be going directly towards buying materials to build enclosures at the two Department of National Parks (DNP) facilities. This is the Follow the Tigers campaign and will be continuing in aiding and improving the lives of the relocated Tiger Temple tigers.

We will post continuous updates on the situation of the enclosures and the lives of these tigers and all donations will be accounted for.

For Tigers relies on your donations to keep helping captive tigers in Thailand. See the impact your support can have.

You can help tigers through a wide variety of fundraising activities. From cake sales and car boots  to challenges. See how we can help with your fundraising events

You can raise money for us completely FREE when you do your shopping online. See how your shopping can help.

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Grab some of our exclusive merchandise with proceeds going directly to the tigers.


By making a donation to "For Tigers", you authorize the trustees of the charity to disseminate funds as per the charity charter. No additional conditions attached to any donation will be adhered to. For more information and alternative donation options, see our website or contact the committee directly.

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