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We research and perform welfare assessments at tiger venues in Thailand


We educate the public on welfare-friendly tiger experiences in Thailand

Direct aid

We give direct aid to sub-standard facilities to improve tiger welfare standards

How do we do this?

Improving captive tiger welfare is a big undertaking. To that end we have various methods we use to provide direct aid, educate and spread awareness of the vital welfare issues. 


Every year we visit all Thailand's tiger facilities to ascertain welfare standards, where issues lie, tiger numbers and so much more. These investigations are released in our educational reports so that we might educate the public and aid them in choosing which facilities to visit and which to avoid. 



Fundraising plays a huge part in this process as once again it can help the message reach a bigger audience. It provides the necessary funding for our direct aid.

 Fundraising can come in many shapes and forms, big events or small events, and all help hugely to the cause. We have a number of small ways that everyone can help fundraise in order to further this cause for captive tigers.


Through our campaigns (and promoting campaigns and petitions from other organisations) we can educate the public on specific tiger welfare issues. These campaigns can bring the public on board, spread awareness in an effective and fast communication chain, change perceptions and attitudes, all with the goal for improved tiger welfare in Thailand.

Helping Hands

Direct aid is an integral part of our work. This is two-fold:

1). The provision of enrichment items and materials to upgrade enclosures and cages to improve living conditions for captive tigers.

2). The provision of advice to aid facilities with making necessary changes themselves.


How Can You Help?

Raising awareness can't be done alone, we need YOU!

To effectively spread awareness and educate the world on captive tigers and their welfare issues; there needs to be a global chain to spread the information. And this is where you, the public are very important.


By sharing, reposting information, more people will become aware and educated.

Read more on how to help us improve captive tiger welfare right here on our CAMPAIGNS page or head over to the RESOURCES section.

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