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Providing direct aid to the confiscated Tiger Temple tigers

Researching welfare in Thailand's tiger venues



Partnering with WFFT to rescue tigers from a tiger farm


Find out about our current and ongoing projects

Since 2016 we have been working directly with the Thai Department of National Parks to improve their facilities. This is due to the Tiger Temple tigers being relocated to these facilities. As of 2020, we have provided enrichment, built ponds, upgraded old cages and built 6 enclosures. Check out more in our Follow the Tigers project.


Eyes for Tigers is an ongoing project where we visit tiger facilities around Thailand, assessing the welfare of the tigers. We aim to uncover facilities willing to change and will provide direct aid where invited to do so.

Other projects

What's coming up in the future for For Tigers?

For Tigers is working on other projects with various tiger facilities within Thailand. Through our annual research of welfare standards throughout Thailand, we have established which facilities require aid and, importantly, want our aid in improving welfare standards. 

To achieve this goal of improved welfare we provide direct aid, such as provision of enrichment, as well as education and advice on ways to improve the welfare of the facility's captive tigers. 

Projects such as these do not happen overnight and take time and patience to achieve. However, we hope that as we move through these projects we will start to see change across Thailand as a whole.

Read all the latest project updates on the News and Blog
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