The Temple tigers still need your help! Give the tigers ethical enclosures and help them live the lives they should be living. Donate here to be part of their rescue!

In 2016 147 tigers were relocated from The Tiger Temple in Thailand to facilities run by the DNP. These tigers were raised in captivity and lack the skills necessary for survival in the wild, therefore they are not viable for a release program. At this time there are no plans approved to build them a sanctuary. 

Their homes at the Tiger Temple included night rooms with shared access to 29 large outdoor enclosures ranging from 360m² - 2000m². These enclosures provided natural environments for the tigers, including grass, trees for scratching, caves and bushes for hiding, large ponds for bathing and platforms for relaxing.

The tigers now reside at the Khao Prathap Chang and Khao Son facilities in Ratchaburi, Thailand in spaces averaging 10x4m² without access to large outdoor enclosures. Due to the stresses of relocation and other factors, the welfare of these tigers is of great concern. Several are exhibiting stereotypic behavior, such as pacing and rubbing on their cages, causing facial injuries. Some refuse to eat or come out of their dens. One tiger has passed away since the move as he contracted a gastrointestinal infection.

While the tigers must adjust to their new locations, keepers, diets, neighbors and for many, separation from their siblings or mates, it is feared that some may not recover if unable to access larger spaces with natural surroundings. A space of 1,500m² is recommended for every 3-4 tigers; wild tigers cover territories ranging from 20 - 100km².

What we are doing

What's our goal?

The DNP has informed us of approval to build the tigers new and larger enclosures, however they require aid. We will be purchasing and donating materials for these enclosures, the cost of which is estimated at USD $10,000 per enclosure. One enclosure can be shared by up to four tigers. We are setting our initial goal to provide two enclosures, though we hope to add more soon! The following gives an idea of how donations will contribute:

  • USD $5 - 2m² metal mesh fencing

  • USD $30 - 4m metal pole (galvanized)

  • USD $100 - one ton of mixed cement

Materials are comparatively cheap in Thailand, so even a small contribution can make a difference for these tigers. We do however need construction to begin quickly for their well-being. Please help us get them get back into natural surroundings and leading the best captive lives possible! Our only aim here is to see the tigers we know and love happy and healthy in their new homes.

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Khao Pratap Chang Facility

Khao Son Facility

* All photos of the government facilities and the tigers residing within are from Thai PBS News, Nation News or Department of National Parks

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