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Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) was recently approached regarding the closure of a tiger and leopard farm in Northern Thailand.

The farm has already closed to the public and soon, its doors will close forever. The authorities have asked for WFFT's urgent help, and the owner has agreed to release the 35 tigers and 18 leopards currently residing there into WFFT's care.

As WFFT currently has the biggest NGO-run Tiger Rescue Centre in Asia, they have the knowledge, experience and capabilities to provide the best life-long care and a second chance for these animals who require urgent rehoming.

But the rescue and rehoming of 53 tigers and leopards is no small feat. Right now, they don’t know how many they can take. It will be WFFT’s biggest-ever challenge. Together, we must raise the funds required to rescue these 53 animals, and build them appropriate and enriching habitats at the WFFT rescue centre. And are therefore asking for your urgent financial support to undertake this historic rescue.

Edwin Wiek, Founder and Director of WFFT says:

“This rescue is a rare and enormous opportunity to provide a huge number of majestic animals, with a second chance in life. It could mark a hopeful and new chapter for Thailand’s captive tigers. Rescues like this are incredibly important to show how every life is precious and how these animals deserve a chance at happiness and freedom. Furthermore, the 18 critically endangered Indo-Chinese leopards native to Thailand could have significant conservation value.

“The financial resources we will need, not only to rescue these animals and build them suitable habitats at WFFT, but to cover the ongoing costs to feed and care for them, are significant. We will try to help as many as we can. Sadly, though, without additional financial support, we won’t be able to help them all. We are calling on our friends near and far to help these animals. This rescue will be a big moment, not only for WFFT, but for captive tigers and leopards in Thailand.”

Please give what you can. We cannot do this without you.

If you or your organisation are able to sponsor the entire rescue of one or more of the big cats, please contact WFFT at or, for UK-based donors, For Tigers at


What we are doing

What's WFFT's goal?

WFFT need to fund the rescue and transport of 35 tigers and 18 leopards. On top of this, enclosures and night-time living spaces need to be built in order to house the newly rehomed big cats. And then, they need to be supported over the years for food and general care.


We are helping WFFT in raising funds for this historic NGO rescue. Registered in the UK, we, For Tigers, are partnering with WFFT, so that any UK-based donors can donate to WFFT via our platform instead.

Why are we doing this? As our charity is registered in the UK, UK taxpayers can click the Gift Aid button when donating. This means an additional 25% is added to your donation by the UK government! Any UK supporters of WFFT donating via For Tigers will boost their donation which could really help out in this rescue.

ALL funds donated via our platform to the WFFT 53 Big Cats Rescue Project, will go directly to them in its entirety. 

How can your donations help?

  • £10 can feed one tiger for a day

  • £20 can feed two tigers for a day

  • £60 can feed one tiger for a week

Here are some cost breakdowns to outline what is needed over the long term:

  • £725 to rescue one tiger from the tiger farm

  • £3150 to feed one tiger for a year

  • £5300 to build each tiger enclosure

If you have any questions about donating to WFFT via our For Tigers platform, please get in touch at

Read all the latest rescue updates on our News and Blog or at WFFT and support this project by making a Donation

Northern Thailand Tiger Farm

Phuket Tigers rescued at WFFT

Northern Thailand tiger farm
DSC_2046 (1)
Maruay and Mee Mee (3)
Rambo and Susu
Mee Mee
Susu at WFFT_3
Susu at WFFT_2
Pong (3)
Mukda 2
Mukda 3
Maruay and Mee Mee (2)
* All photos of the tiger farm and WFFT supplied courtesy of Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT)
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