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Pata Zoo



Pata Zoo is the infamous zoo at the top of the shopping mall in the centre of Bangkok. It has reached these dubious heights, not only from its unorthodox location, but the fact that it houses Thailand's one and only gorilla, Bua Noi. In recent years Thai animal welfare activists have made repeated attempts to free her from this zoo, only to be met with resistance and to see the zoo regain its zoo license year after year.

Though tigers have been reported in the passed, and there are photos found online to that effect, our researchers have not seen any tigers residing there. The range of animals suffering alongside Bua Noi in this zoo, include orangutans, chimpanzees, various macaques, sheep, squirrels, various bird species, binturong, hog badger and porcupines. Other animals seen throughout the various visits include a penguin, a baboon, two jackals and two leopard cubs though these all seem to have since disappeared.

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What we are doing to help

At this time we are raising awareness for the situation of the captive tigers in Thailand through education of the public and through a number of different petitions.

Head to our Petition zone to see how you can help.

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