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More Enclosures Going Up

Perimeter fences going up | DNP, 2023

After a bit of a rocky start, the next enclosures are finally underway. This means that in one of the two facilities holding the Tiger Temple Tigers all tigers will now have access to an enclosure. Better still, any subsequent confiscated or rescued tigers will also have better living conditions awaiting them in the future.

Pond building | DNP, 2023

As a starting point, all the ponds have been built and put in place. It’s now simply the perimeter fences that need to go up. And these are going up at a rate of knots which means that the tigers won't have to wait long before they can finally get out and about. On top of that, two of the tigers, Fire and Storm, (who will have access to these new areas) have already been moved.

These two boys are now prepped and ready to go outside to explore after 6 years of small cage living! Stick with us as these enclosures get finished and let's watch these tigers access new, larger spaces.

tiger transport
On the move | DNP, 2023

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