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Nakhon Si Thammarat Zoo



Records stated that there were two tigers residing in Nakon Si Thammarat Zoo. However, on arrival in March 2017, there were no tigers to be seen. Instead, a large crocodile resided in what had clearly held tigers previously.


When asked where the tigers were, most staff pointed out the enclosure with the crocodile in. Several were asked before one member indicated that there weren't tigers anymore and that a crocodile lived in their area now. It was gathered that the tigers possibly died in the floods at the beginning of the year in 2017, however, none of the staff seemed to really know, and stories varied between them.


The area that previously held the tigers was a pit-style enclosure with a lot of concrete throughout. There was an area for water, and it was here that the crocodile was found. There were old tree trunks and the potential for provision of enrichment items. The night cages were visible, lining the back end of the enclosure, and were the standard 4x4 concrete cages found throughout the country.


It is possible that they may get more tigers in the future. At this time we have not made a return visit.

How Many Tigers?

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What we are doing to help

At this time we are raising awareness for the situation of the captive tigers in Thailand through education of the public and through a number of different petitions.

Head to our Petition zone to see how you can help.

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