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Tiger Temple tigers: It begins!

Finally the update we’ve all been waiting for… Construction on the first four new enclosures for the relocated temple tigers at the new facilities has begun!!

Attached are some photos of the new area which some of the tigers will soon have access to. Each enclosure will be shared by two tigers on a rotational basis and will contain grass, trees, ponds and additional enrichment for them. This is a great beginning for the tigers, but please remember that there are still 146 tigers total, all of whom we are hoping to see into new enclosures, and for that they will still require additional funding.

Our donation page to assist with this is at, and donations can also be sent via PayPal to us at We will keep you updated as best as we can on the progress of the enclosures as well as your contributions toward them once accepted and approved! Thank you all so much for following up on these tigers. Together we’ll be truly making a difference for them!

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