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Tiger Temple tigers: Continuing progress

Two days ago we were once again able to visit the Temple tigers. Encouragingly, they were all settling in much better than before. Each time we visit they seem more adjusted and relaxed in their new homes. This time we are happy to say that we also saw Orion and Sky, both of whom had previously refused to come out. Still a little nervous, they were much more relaxed than we expected and came over to say and gave us a few chuffs!

The enclosures are progressing well, and hopefully by New Year we hope to have them open and used by 6 of our tigers. This just means that now we are starting to gear up for our next project - the next four enclosures!!!

Please, if you can continue to share our posts about these tigers and help us raise awareness for their situation. To all you guys out there, your support is, as always, much appreciated!

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