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Tiger Temple tigers: Looking Good

Today we visited the tigers of Tiger Temple again today and for the most part all are doing really good :) the four enclosures are nearly completed and there has been some upgrades to the current small cages as well! Upgrades include large high wooden platforms (to make the tigers have to work those lazy back leg muscles), hanging toys (wood logs and tyres), large wooden scratching posts and even a sandpit! Big shout out to Four Paws who were there over Christmas for those. Not all cages are done up as of yet but hopefully it won't take long for them all to get the same treatment. Soon we're going to have to look at raising funding for the next enclosures.

One year on to the day since the first five tigers were relocated to the government facilities. As suspected, the temporary cages the tigers are in have become the permanent ones. Our fundraising to build enclosures to adjoin onto these is a continuing success and the first four enclosures are looking almost done.

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