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Tiger Temple tigers: Another visit

Today we once again visited the Tiger Temple tigers. For the most part they were looking well and in good spirits.

Good news is that we finally saw Nanfa. Previously, she had remained hidden in her dark night room at the back and refused to come out, but today she came out to say hey! This meant that for the first time we saw EVERY tiger in Khao Son!

A few of the tigers are still displaying some symptoms and Dawie will be heading off for surgery tomorrow regarding this. Fingers crossed for him.

There is also some sad news. Sairung (left) passed away earlier this month whilst undergoing surgery for a mammary gland tumour among other medical conditions.

Also we are deeply saddened to be informed of Mek Nua's passing (right). He had been showing some of the symptoms mentioned in previous posts and was due for surgery tomorrow along with Dawie. Sadly he did not make it.

RIP Mek Nua and Sairung. You will be greatly missed.

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