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Tiger Temple tigers: RIP Liverpool

Liverpool was always a little more shy than his siblings and as such barely had any tourist contact. From a young age he was out in his enclosure with his brothers, minimal human contact. This was the life he knew for nearly 6 years. Liverpool was one of the first ten tigers removed with consent by Tiger Temple managers. He was moved to government facilities on 23rd Feb 2016, the DNP reported on the news that he was in good health when he arrived (they did blood tests and a check up whilst he was sedated for the move), but he never settled in and within three months he was dead.

Upon visits to see him, it was clear that he wasn't adjusting as well as some of the others and seemed stressed, unused to living in a small area.

High up members of the government claimed it was from gastroenteritis contracted when at the Temple, but if left untreated this will kill in three days. The truth is, Liverpool died from stress and trauma and being caged in. His entire life at the Temple had been in a large natural enclosure, living with two other tigers. The shock of the removal and the small confines he was then placed in drove him to stereotypical behaviours (Witnessed on our visits) and his eventual death.

He is missed.

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