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Tiger Temple tigers: So Close!

So finally the enclosures are nearly done!!! It has been a long time and you guys have all been very patient. The last top angles on the perimeter fences are being added along with the electricity system to prevent the tigers from escaping. Hopefully this will be completed by the beginning of July - fingers crossed.

We have just one small problem, we need to purchase the Gallagher M600 Fence Energizer but we are just $100 short. If any of you can possibly dig once again into your pockets and help us reach this last little goal it would be very much appreciated. The completion of these four enclosures will get six of our tigers out in enclosures and also prove that it can be done, potentially paving the way to more enclosures being built :)

Please help - just $100 Thank you guys for all you have done so far :)

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