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Follow the Tigers: Today we once again headed out to the government facilities with another chicken donation, once again made possible by donations from WildHeart Foundation.

In addition, earlier this week, on Monday 6th, we were able to have a meeting with the Head of Wildlife Group, Breeding Facilities and Wildlife Conservation. The meeting was to outline our continued donations to the Temple tigers with the help of Wildheart. The discussion went well and we are now planning for the next few enclosures to be built along with a donation of carnivore supplement and some enrichment items for the cages of the tigers that, as yet, have no access to enclosures. This will be in progress over the next few months.

The 20th of this month will see For Tigers and Wildheart having discussions with the directors of both facilities to organise and plan for this next stage of improvements. By this time the ordered carnivore supplement will have arrived and each facility will receive supplement as a donation.

A number of the tigers have been diagnosed with a tumour in their throat though the cause of this is as yet unknown. Around ten of the tigers have already undergone surgery with more tigers to receive the removal operation over the next few weeks. We wish the vets and the tigers the very best of luck during this time.

We are continuing to raise funds for the tigers, so if you would like to continue to help us with this endeavour please head over to;

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