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After our visit on 27th November to see the tigers, they need more of your help. There is an urgent need for funds to finish the five ponds at one facility as originally these were meant to be funded by the government.

But due to major budget cuts, they’ve asked for our help.

Please consider making a donation - these ponds will make a huge difference in the lives of the tigers - giving them the ability to cool down in the hot Thai sun.

Our target is - 30,000THB / £800 / $1000

This will cover cement for the final three and a half ponds (1 and a half are already done) as well as labour costs that are involved.

We could put this project on hold, but the mesh has been laid down in the foundations of the remaining ponds and one pond has been half done so it seems a shame to leave it only marginally completed.

This Christmas, please think of the tigers and how just a small donation can really help them have an improved quality of life.

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