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Seven years on and more Tiger Temple tigers are finally out

Another year has passed and this week 30th May to 4th June, marks the seven-year anniversary of when Tiger Temple's tigers were removed and relocated to the DNP facilities. During this time we, For Tigers, have endeavoured to provide enclosures to all the remaining tiger Temple tigers. And we are so close to that goal!

The last boys out

tiger outside, flehmen
Fire outside for the first time in seven years | For Tigers, 2023

For this year's anniversary, we are delighted to say that in one facility, this goal has been achieved. With the completion of the latest three enclosures, all tigers in Khao Son now have access to an enclosure. This is on a rotational basis, but it does mean that every second day, all tigers have had a chance outside.

What was great to see was both Fire and Hurricane getting to explore their new enclosures; outside for the first time in seven years (stay tuned for the videos of their first moments outside!).

The two boys, understandably, did not want to go back inside on their first day! Hopefully, we will have footage of Storm and Comet when they can be let out. This may be in a week or so, as some issues with the enclosures were identified by us and all need to be fixed before the tigers can all go outside properly.

tiger walking outside
Hurricane taking a walk outside, his first in seven years | For Tigers, 2023

Additional donations and improvements

As usual, we also made some donations of chicken and pork. On top of this, we have donated a year's worth of deworming pills to both facilities. Further medical supplies and aid are likely to be necessary as the tigers age.

Our work is never complete. So, while this is a great milestone to have reached, we intend to keep on pushing forward to raise funds to get all the tigers and any future confiscated tigers, access to an enclosure.

Additionally, we went to push forward in providing enrichment items and to build caves/ or platforms in these new enclosures to provide some shelter, shade and privacy to the tigers when they are outside.

tigers eating chicken in Thailand
Fasai and Windy enjoy some chicken | For Tigers, 2023

Stick with us as we continue to follow the tigers!

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