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This week marks 6 years since the Tiger Temple in Thailand was closed and the 146 tigers relocated to government facilities run by the Department of National Parks (DNP). Sadly, during the last few years over 80 of the tigers have died leaving just 60 tigers.

What's been done so far

Since 2016, For Tigers has been working closely with the DNP to provide improvements for these tigers. This began with building six enclosures at Khao Pratap Chang facility. We also build ponds, platforms and made cage upgrades in other areas. After the success of the first five enclosures, 20 enclosures were funded by the DNP, ten in Khao Pratap Chang and ten in the second facility, Khao Son; a move we greatly appreciated. However, both facilities could only fund the enclosures so we stepped in to fund the ponds in these 20 new enclosures as well as providing trees and grass for the ten enclosures at Khao Son.

The last two years during the pandemic has put a hold on any further construction work to improve their lives. During these years we focused on providing general aid, and a lot of food in our Great Chicken Run!

But now things have changed and construction work can begin again!

Five more enclosures

This year, the Year of the Tiger, we’re really looking forward to getting some major upgrades in place. Excitingly, at Khao Son, there are only seven tigers in the entire facility without access to an enclosure. And that’s where we need your help.

By building these last five enclosures, these last seven tigers will have access to outdoor areas too. And, any future confiscated tigers will be able to have access to these more natural areas right from the get-go, without having to live in the small cages that currently house any newcomers to the facility.

Excitingly for some of you, there are some familiar faces ready for these last enclosures, because five of these seven tigers are ex Tiger Temple tigers! And here are the boys who will get to enjoy these enclosures once they’re done!

The total cost for these enclosures is around £15,000, so we really need your help. That’s £3000 per enclosure including all labour costs for building. After six years, these boys deserve some freedom, please help us give it to them!

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