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Join For Tigers for our Worldwide Walk For Tigers to help us collectively travel 1000km and raise £1000 from now until International Tiger Day on Wednesday 29th July. By joining in, you will help us to improve the living conditions of the tigers relocated from the Tiger Temple. Play your part in improving the livelihoods and welfare conditions of the surviving tigers.

After our original Walk for Tigers was postponed in May due to lockdown restrictions, we have timed our Worldwide Walk for Tigers to coincide with International Tiger Day. We hope this annual celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation, alongside the unique bond that humans and animals have, brings people together for this important cause.

How to get involved

Due to restrictions presented by the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to make some changes to our annual Walk for Tigers. Between now and 29th July, challenge yourself to walk, run, swim or cycle and give to support the Worldwide Walk for Tigers. Make sure you follow any COVID-related regulations in your country, and don't forget that treadmills or running up and down your stairs will also count towards the distance!

Get active and donate via our website to support For Tigers in our continued efforts to improve the lives of the relocated temple tigers. When making your donation tell us how many kilometres you've covered!

Other ways to support

If you are unable to get active but still want to support the campaign, donate to one of our fundraising pages, or get in touch with us to find out what else can be done to support For Tigers. Visit our website and sign up to become a monthly supporter.

Why should I get involved?

Through For Tigers previous fundraising efforts, we have seen substantial improvements to both the welfare and health of the surviving temple tigers with the completion of 6 enclosures. In addition, enrichment items such as rope, coconuts and tyres have been provided, as well as carnivore supplement (hugely beneficial to the tigers’ overall health) and emergency donations of chicken and pork. Alongside this, we have begun the process of upgrading some of the older style concrete floored cages, by adding more species-specific inclusions such as high platforms, larger ponds and sandpits. For Tigers has also funded the building of ponds and donated trees and grass to help improve existing enclosures


Although this year we cannot make our usual 9 mile walk to Shepreth Wildlife Park, we can take a look back our previous Walk for Tigers fundraisers fondly. Since its inception, For Tigers has strived to be at the forefront of improving the welfare of captive tigers across Thailand. It’s unlikely that captive facilities will return to the previous normality that was once familiar. With your support, we can help achieve a brighter future for these animals.

If you are a participant, follower, animal lover or donor, we want to bring you all together to join us to be a part of this special campaign.

Your support could help us improve our efforts and improve the future of more tigers.

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