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The first tigers are out!!

Finally it's here! The update we've all been waiting for!! Today was the test run for the enclosures that you've helped to build. Saiduan was the lucky tiger chosen and while it took her a little time to come out, when she did she explored everywhere. Up on the platform, a dip in the pond, some tree scratching, she did it all. Thank you everyone who has helped make this possible. Over the next few day the other tigers will be venturing forth as well so we will continue to keep you all updated. Please share this great news!!

No Name (below): as you will know, due to the placement of the government cages, one tiger that was not from Tiger Temple was lucky enough to get access to the new enclosures. A rescue from another facility in Thailand, it appears he hasn't really known any other life. Here he is out and about exploring his new area!

Sadly though there is some sad news, four more tigers have passed away from the various ailments that have been plaguing the facility.

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