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Temple Tiger Update

Another visit was permitted today, though due to health issues some areas were off limits so we were unable to visit all the tigers.

The new enclosures are currently having their ponds upgraded which is great as they are now bigger but a bit of a downer as the tigers can't go out in them for the time being.

As you know, some of the tigers have already died, more are continuing to do so and still some of the tigers are suffering from various medical issues which are currently being treated by the DNP though more help is needed.

At this time they are in dire need of funding for food as the medicine is costing more than anticipated.

We also have plans to upgrade the interiors of the cages that the tigers currently reside in. Some of the cages have already been improved with a sand pit, wooden platform and hanging toys (courtesy of Four Paws) and we would like to continue this so that all cages have these items and the tigers have something to do whilst we fund raise for more enclosures. This project would cost less than 5000 baht per cage so we are hopeful to get this underway quite soon. One area also needs a sprinkler system as it gets quite hot and causing problems for a number of the tigers living there.

A bit of a long update but at least it is generally good news. For anyone interested to help us continue our fund raising to improve the lives of the tigers, please head over to our fundraiser:

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