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Follow the tigers: The latest updates for Enclosure No. 5 show the platforms coming up and the ponds almost done. However, unlike the previous enclosures, this one has now been split into two making two smaller outside areas.

The way these enclosures have been built, is that the current cages for the tigers bookend the enclosure, allowing one tiger access at a time – a system in place for the first enclosures that were built. This does mean that the tigers have to take turns in accessing these enclosures. With the enclosure split, both tigers can go out simultaneously, though in a smaller space. However, whilst our personal preference would be for a single larger enclosure as this would allow enrichment activities from accessing smells from other tigers and greater space to roam, the smaller outside area is still a vast improvement on their current living conditions and would allow a longer period outside.

We very much look forward to seeing this enclosure completed in the near future.

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