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More photos of some of the lucky tigers enjoying their outside areas. With the recent rains, the grass is finally starting to grow in, making these enclosures a little more lush than they had been.

This is Diamond Jr out in the recently finished enclosure funded by Wildheart Foundation. The bamboo tree behind the platform is great for the tigers as they can eat the leaves much in the same way that they sometimes eat grass. In the wild, tigers would eat the stomach contents of their prey thus providing them with the necessary fibre for their diet.

Dala enjoying her area and also enjoying some of the plants.

Farung is enjoying making use of the tree to sharpen her claws and get rid of the loose parts of the claws. We did wrap the trees in each enclosure with rope in order to protect the trees from excessive scratching but as you can see, the rope has already been somewhat destroyed! It's already time to replace it!

Lastly, here is Saiduan. She has been the longest out as she had use of the very first enclosure that was completed. With the rains the grass is finally growing in, in the enclosures. As you can see, Saiduan is enjoying some of it!

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