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Walk For Tigers

Yesterday marked the first Walk For Tigers fundraising event, and with its great success, we hope to make this an annual activity.

Starting in Lion Yard in the centre of Cambridge, our walkers left at around 9.30am, taking the main route out of town straight through to Shepreth Wildlife Park. Along the route we gathered more walkers until our 'streak of tigers' was ten people strong. All dressed as tigers, face painting dripping off thanks to the unusual high temperatures for the UK, our walkers took 4 hours to reach their final destination.

We were greeted effusively by the Shepreth staff before being given an introduction to the waiting visitors. Not long after, Amba the 20 year-old tiger was rewarded with her birthday presents, which had carefully been hidden around the enclosure.

A great day was had by all, and we thank everyone for their support and look forward to continuing this into the future.

Check out the pictures below and think about joining us next year!!

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