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On 7th November, we once again visited the Temple tigers residing at the Department of National Parks (DNP) facilities. On this trip we brought a six-monthly supply of carnivore supplement, which is added to the tiger's food. In addition, for one of the facilities we supplemented their food by purchasing 100kg of chicken and pork from Betagro.

Sadly, a few more tigers have passed on but those that remain appear to have fully adjusted to their new life. However, work still needs to be done on their cages with most lacking any form of enrichment bar a single platform and a bath. Depending on what the director's of the facilities agree with, we shall be taking various enrichment items along on our next visit to improve the cages for the tigers that, as yet, have no access to larger, outdoor enclosures.

A number of the tigers are still suffering from the respiratory issues, though these are finally diminishing and the operations being performed appear to have been successful. Sadly however, a large number of tigers have already passed away, One of the tigers was also suffering from glaucoma, which we are currently discussing with the DNP. We are in discussions regarding funding an eye removal operation to alleviate the pain this swollen eye is causing the tiger.

We also have exciting news. The facility where we have already funded and built enclosures, is in the process of building yet another enclosure, this time with funding from the government. We have looked at further locations for the next enclosures though this next project will be closer to 1 million baht in cost. However, given that work is already underway on a new area, thanks to the DNP themselves, and there is only one worker team available, this is giving us time to fundraise and plan this next project.

Hopefully we will continue to have positive news as things progress.

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