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To mark World Animal Day on 4th October, we’re teaming up with Roxi the Rescue Dog!!

Roxi brings hugely important welfare messages to the younger generation. Each book couples entertaining children with providing insights into the way various animals life. The goal of thse books is to ensure that all animals get to have a great quality of life no matter where they are. These books include animals in entertainment, factory farming and animal testing. Despite the, sometimes, dark subject matter, each story features cute and whimsical artwork, providing an ethical message regarding kindness and respect toward all animals.

Currently there are four rescue books out with Roxi saving chickens, rabbits, elephants and now tigers. And with this latest book, we’re excited to be teaming up with Roxi.

Roxi save the tiger highlights the issues with tiger cub petting and other tiger-tourist interactions. With more tigers in captivity than in the wild, this issue is a main aspect of our work as an NGO.

Our director says of Roxi Saves the Tigers:

Roxi the Rescue Dog helps the Tigers is a much-needed short tale about the welfare of captive tigers around the world. Aimed directly at children, the book highlights the issues surrounding the tiger selfie culture providing a direct insight into these practices. Roxi pushes through to raise awareness of the welfare issues these tigers suffer for a moment of fun for us humans, showing the younger generation the way, we need to change. The informative text is coupled with some delightful illustrations that not only bring home the suffering of the tigers, but also illustrates the positives that can occur. With additional information at the back for those who want to learn more, this is the perfect book to spread awareness, and bring about change in the tiger tourism world”.

From tomorrow $1 from every tiger book sold will be donated to us in order to improve the living conditions of the relocated Tiger Temple tigers. Help Roxi, and help us raise awareness of animal welfare issues that these tigers suffer, and together we hope to reduce the demand for these types of tiger interactions around the world.

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