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Tiger Temple tigers: RIP Sangtawan & Farkram Jr

GRAPHIC IMAGES: This is a video from the Department of National Parks (DNP) and sadly, the video does show footage of three of the Tiger Temple tigers that have now died. The first image is of Jomnapah (already known to have passed on March 4th 2017), the second is of Sangtawan, the third of Farkram Jr. If you would like to give these images a miss, then skip the video between 4.10 – 4.23.

The last two tiger’s deaths were previously unknown to us. Rest in Peace Sangtawan and Farkram Jr.

The rest of the video shows what the DNP do, they are the department that rescues wild animals either from problems in the wild or from captive situations. This short video (in Thai, sorry) is about the lives of the animals once they arrive at the DNP facilities.

The keepers explain that often when the rescued animals arrive their behaviours have changed. Some are more aggressive, others are depressed. The handlers and carers are therefore required to check and record everything about each of the animals. Their overall duties are to take care and look after the animals until they die, unless some of the animals can be reintroduced into the wild and survive by themselves.

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