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Once again we were able to visit the government facilities, though unfortunately not really able to see the tigers themselves bar a few in the areas that we were looking to do upgrades in. With our partnership with WildHeart Foundation well and truly underway, we donated carnivore supplement to both facilities and were able to take one of the WildHeart members along with us. We then discussed in depth the progress that we wished to make for both facilities which included a new enclosure to continue on our previous work, plus cage enrichment in the form of platforms and bath/pond for ten cages in the other facility.

Everything is looking very positive going forward with the directors of both facilities very happy with our proposed upgrades. The tigers that were out in our already built enclosures looked very happy and relaxed, displaying more natural tiger behaviour. Sadly it is to be understood that there are more tigers who have succumbed to sickness. In the coming days both facilities will be undergoing further operations on the Temple tigers to aid them in this health problem.

We look forward to our continued collaboration with WIldHeart and hope to show you all a large number of improvements in the coming months. Stayed tuned!

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