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Follow the Tigers: Almost daily updates at the moment! The foundations for Enclosure No. 5 are going up at a rate of knots, it is all very exciting. Let's hope progress doesn't slow down just yet :)

For those of you who are just coming to this page, this is the fifth enclosure being built for the rescued Tiger Temple tigers. At this time, they are in small cages that have no natural enrichment inside along with limited space. These larger enclosures offer the tigers a more natural environment complete with grass and trees. Later there will be ponds and a platform built as well (see previous enclosures). This more natural habitat, will help the tigers achieve a higher quality of life and allow them to display more natural behaviours. Each enclosure is to be shared by two tigers on a rotational basis - the current cages can be seen at either end of the enclosure providing easy access to this area.

Keep following for the continued progress in this area.

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