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Since 2016, For Tigers has been closely following the progress and welfare status of the Tiger Temple Tigers. Despite many setbacks and a large number of the tigers dying we have continued to provide aid where other NGO's walked away.

What started out as 146 tigers is now less than 50. But that hasn't stopped us from pushing forward with making changes and improving the welfare of the tigers under the DNP's care. Over the years we have built enclosures, funded ponds and trees, provided carnivore supplement, upgraded cages and donated food. But always our main goal was to get all the Tiger Temple tigers an enclosure. And now that goat is closer than ever. For, there are just FIVE Temple tigers in Khao Son that still don't have an enclosure.

Excitingly, the area and designs are all prepared, it's just a case of funding.

Five tigers to get new enclosures

All tigers benefit

At this point, we feel it's important to recognise the fact that other confiscated tigers gain (and will gain) from these enclosures too. The DNP doesn't just have the Tiger Temple tigers but tigers from other facilities too, many of which had far worse living conditions than at Tiger Temple.

Just like the Temple tigers, many of these confiscated tigers have been living in the same small 10x4m cages for years. But now, thanks to your help and the enclosures you've helped fund, some of these tigers also get access to these enclosures.

Two tiger boys, Khao Son
The other two boys who will benefit | Photo courtesy of DNP, 2022

In fact, for these last 5 enclosures, two additional boys from a previous rescue will also be able to share an enclosure. So, not only will all Tiger Temple tigers in Khao Son have an enclosure, but EVERY tiger in the facility will. And we can't wait to see it happen at last.

So, what do we need?

Well, we just need to purchase all the materials to build these enclosures. We have part of the breakdown right here:

  • Materials needed include cement, sand, rebar, pipes and more comes to: £11,500 (THB 494,300)

  • Labour costs for 6 workers over a 2-month period comes to: £4000 (THB 180, 000)

As you can see, it's not much and the tigers will have access to 200sqm of the enclosure. Once this is funded and built, we'll continue on to provide necessary enclosure furnishings such as pools/ponds, trees, grass and platforms. All of which will make sure that the tigers can perform natural behaviours and live the life they deserve.

Walk for Tigers

As part of the fundraising for this, we’re also going to be doing our annual Walk for Tigers event. This year it’s bigger and better than ever and we have events in THREE different options for you to join in the fun and help us fundraise!

  1. UK - On 29th July we will meet in Cambridge for a 9-mile walk out to Shepreth Wildlife Park (yes, the original Walk for Tigers event is finally back after a 2-year pandemic hiatus!)

  2. Thailand - On 29th July our team will meet at Lumpini Park, Bangkok for a 5km walk around the woods and lake

  3. Global - Virtually join us!! For the whole month of July, set yourself a target to walk/run/surf/tigger jump (it’s entirely up to you) and see how much you can fundraise for these enclosures.

And, we have a brand new platform for you to fundraise on. You can make teams and personal fundraising goals and compete against your friends to see how much you can do to help out the tigers! So, sign up now and join the fun!

Please help us out and Donate Today!


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